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Dignity Therapy:

An evidence-based psycho-therapeutic intervention that has been found to improve psycho-social and spiritual wellbeing for people with LLTC through a process of life-review and meaning-making is Dignity Therapy (DT). DT involves facilitating patients to discuss their valued memories, accomplishments, life lessons and hopes for significant others, and aims to bring about a sense of meaning and purpose for patients at the end of life, and their families.

About Us:

We found missed opportunities to support children and young people (CYP) with with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions (LLTC) and their families to engage in meaningful discussion about dignity, meaning making and end of life care in a structured way. Consequently, the authors of this article, formed the MAGICYL (Meaning making And Generativity In Children and Young people with Life limiting and life threatening conditions) project team, bringing together our expertise in advocacy for CYP with LLTC, palliative care, psycho-therapy, children’s nursing and spiritual care, to consider how to apply the concept of DT and the type of intervention/s that would be appropriate for CYP with LLTC.

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